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Built upon a foundation of expertise, forward thinking and attention to detail, the ITAS Group has expanded considerably since the creation of its first company in 1996. What began as a single company dedicated to IT solutions has now grown into a strong corporate network in which a wider range of services can be introduced and offered to our clients. The Group has expanded through ITAS’s determination to keep constantly up to date and match the ever changing and more demanding needs of the market

Dedication towards providing complete project success and customer satisfaction is the key to our success. The Group now comprises a selection of six companies, and each of these companies is a specific entity in its own, right with its own management team and area of expertise. As a result of this focus branching off, each company is able to stay dedicated and up to date in its own field, embracing all the latest innovations and adapting easily in the face of change


The creation and implementation of a technological platform of excellence so that our customers are prepared for today and tomorrow. By utilizing our knowledge and experience, our services provide you with simple but effective solutions which will maximize your potential and eliminate your concerns.


It is our aim to remain at the forefront of our field, and to continue providing the very latest innovations in the rapidly changing technology areas. The ITAS Group has limitless potential for growth, and we are eager to embrace each opportunity and take this emerging market forward into the competitive world arena.