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Information & Communications Systems

The original company of the Group and the stepping stone for the subsequent development, ICS represents the central core of the ITAS businesses. Founded in 1996, ICS provides our clients with complete IT solutions tailor made to fit all their requirements and increase efficiency and productivity.

IT is a rapidly evolving field, and has become an essential component of every lucrative business. Information needs to circulate quickly, and effective business applications are becoming increasingly essential. However the developments in this area have also resulted in more complexities with regards to systems. It is our aim at ICS to use our experience and knowledge to simplify the product as much as possible for our end user.

Our experts will consult with your business and IT personnel to understand your business needs and the challenges and issues you face in the business and IT areas; we will then complete the research for you, and recommend possible IT solutions. Via this process, we endeavour to guarantee your satisfaction in the final product.

Information technologies is an integral constituent of modern day business, and the winning formula of ICS is due to the fact that we provide our customers with common sense solutions, designed to facilitate their operations rather than complicate them.

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