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Syrian Fire & Security

It is a mandate of the modern world that responsible organisations need to invest in a reliable and efficient security system to protect and monitor the daily activities within their facilities. This is within the range of customer and staff access, facilities management and protection. SFS is able to offer solutions in both of these spheres.

SFS is connected to an international network of security companies based in the region; the result of this collaboration is a thoroughly solid and secure information base. True to our ambition of providing only the best, the solutions we offer are highly sophisticated and take their place at the high end of the market.

Security equipment is a solid investment for the safety and protection of your company, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the service offered is robust enough to handle that challenge. A testament of the quality of our service can be seen in the projects that we have already undertaken for governmental organisations and major private corporations which demand the very best standards.

SFS has also expanded its services to include a variety of systems which are becoming invaluable in many large organisations. Many public companies offering good customer service require an efficient queuing system, which SFS can provide. The international nature of many modern businesses requires professional conference systems and instant translation facilities which also fall within our range.

One of the keys to success in the projects that we undertake is that before recommending products we always start by understanding the business and security needs. We then tailor the solution and choose the best and optimal products and components to ensure that we deliver the optimal solution.

Our products and services include:
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